1: Save energy. Turn off the light and standby buttons on all electrical devices when not in use.


2: Buy low energy-labeled items for home and use LED bulbs.


3: Use the bike as often as possible and save pollution from cars.


4: If you have a car, you should consider that the next purchase will be either an electrical or a hybrid car.


5: Make an appointment at home about one or more meat-free days on a weekly basis.


6: Think about how long you let the water run in the bath or in the kitchen.


7: Deliver your empty bottles and cans – including them without a mortgage label.


8: Do you own your own house or apartment, be sure to isolate and choose the right windows, so you save energy heating it.


9: Think about your holidays. Have a holiday where you live and avoid polluting airplanes.


10: Choose recycled tree or FSC labeled tree for your garden furniture or construction projects.


11: Buy quality that lasts longer.


12: Sort your waste and deliver as much as possible for recycling.


13: Take public transport or drive more together.


14: Buy local products.


15: Recycle and share things you do not use anymore.