Statements about CLIMATE PLANET

Ian McGavisk, VP and GM at Johnson Controls


"Our vision at Johnson Controls is to help create a sustainable world. When we got the opportunity to team up with a visible project such as this one, in which sustainability is key, we didn’t doubt for a second that we should join in."

Claus Bech, CEO, Aarhus City

”I predict that CLIMATE PLANET will become a visual icon in the urban space for the year 2017 with Aarhus as European Capital of Culture, which will attract thousands of interested citizens from far and wide. We want to offer the citizens of Aarhus, the tourists, the schools, the businesses etc. a unique experience with a focus on the climate of our planet and the challenges – but also solutions – that we all need to take responsibility for. I am very pleased and proud to present with our collaborators, Koncept Aarhus and Global Citizen, this exceptional experience that is in store for Aarhus in the year of being European Capital of Culture in 2017. We have a particular obligation these years to pull focus on the huge climate challenges the world is facing and try to find sustainable solutions. And that is what we want to communicate with CLIMATE PLANET 2017.

Furthermore, CLIMATE PLANET’s location and premiere on the new town area, Havnepladsen, is quite ideal and gives the citizens and other curious people – big or small – an amazing possibility to learn about the climate situation in a quite spectacular way. To this notion retail, the entire consumer society and its many manufacturers obviously have an obligation as well.”

Søren Winther Lundby, CEO, Global Citizen

”We are on to something very interesting with this project, especially regarding education and communication. In a way we are all still cavemen who need “cave paintings” that we can visually relate to. We need things to be specific and tangible for them to be engaging. This is exactly what we achieve with CLIMATE PLANET. We only have one planet Earth, which we share with 7 billion other global citizens. At this point it’s all about finding global solutions and spread the word.”

Rebecca Matthews, CEO, Aarhus 2017

“(...) I see CLIMATE PLANET as an outstanding and promising initiative, which will help communicating our theme of sustainability in 2017. Sustainability is one of our primary values in the year of Aarhus being European Capital of Culture and it’s essential for the future of our planet that we find the right solutions.

CLIMATE PLANET will become an icon for Aarhus in the summer of 2017 that will be remembered for many years to come, and this impressive globe will without a doubt attract many interested people to the new area in Aarhus, Havnepladsen.”

Rabih Azad-Ahmad (R), Alderman, Department of Culture and Citizens’ Services

“This is an incredibly interesting project which is both fascinating and exciting as well as enlightening and educational. With a foundation in Aarhus the globe sets a global agenda in a completely new and informative way. I rejoice in the blooming creativity that flourishes in so many ways with Aarhus being European Capital of Culture, and I look forward to follow the project.”

Kristian Würtz (S), Alderman, Department of Technical Services and Environment

”With CLIMATE PLANET we get an opportunity to engage and involve the citizens of Aarhus in the climate challenges. The local support is founded with involvement and knowledge. That’s why we want to support the project and support that Aarhus puts the climate challenges at the top of the agenda both with the schools, the businesses and the municipality – in short, with all citizens. I look forward to be following the project and to see the globe landing on the new town area, Havnepladsen, between DOKK1 and Navitas.”

Bünyamin Semsik (V), Alderman, Department for Children and Young People

”CLIMATE PLANET is going to be a remarkable feature in Aarhus in 2017. Partly because the event is based one of the foremost challenges of our time, and partly because the impressive view of the globe at Havnepladsen will amaze everyone – big or small. I think most people will be very curious to figure out what’s inside. As the Alderman for the Department for Children and Young People I am eager to see if we can exploit the great possibilities that CLIMATE PLANET offers to give the students in Aarhus some wonderful and educational hours with a completely different setting, far from what they are used to. We are communicating the CLIMATE PLANET team about this.”

Henrik Rud, CEO, Koncept Aarhus

”We are proud to be a part of the creation of such a grandiose and remarkable event in Aarhus in 2017 – an eye catching, engaging and substantial icon for Aarhus in the year of being European Capital of Culture and for a highly present matter. We look forward to offer a magnificent experience to the guests of the 2017 Capital of Culture, an experience that concerns everyone and the entire mankind.”