CLIMATE PLANET is open in Aarhus

One of the largest technological spectacles of recent years awaits you this summer in Aarhus. CLIMATE PLANET is a beautiful, magnificent and mesmerising experience for the whole family, as well as a timely eye-opener for the reality of our planet if we don't change our current course.

Like a meteor from the sky, a ginormous globe has descended into Aarhus. Inside awaits a captivating technological display, with a focus on climate changes and challenges on our planet. This extraordinary experience originates from Aarhus, which is European Capital of Culture in 2017.

The huge spherical construction is printed with a razor sharp image of the Earth on the outside and is the setting for the impressive weather globe inside. The weather globe has a diametre of 4 metres and is hovering in the centre while it shows a real time projection of our planet - like seeing the Earth from space - through live satellite transmissions. Further still, it will show us the past back from Big Bang and predict several decades into the future.

The Danish weather and climate expert Jesper Theilgaard is the voice and author behind the story of CLIMATE PLANET, which has been developed in collaboration with NASA, with the purpose to show a combined and complete view of the weather across the entire planet - all at once. It will be a spectacular and colossal experience, as well as a daunting eye-opener concerning the reality that awaits, if we do not take these changes seriously.

Outside CLIMATE PLANET awaits an outdoor area focusing on sustainability at eye level. The area is made in cooperation with our collaborators and should inspire to green initiatives ready to take home. 


CLIMATE PLANET is open to the public during this summer's 6 week school holidays. During this time, you'll also be able to watch a 40 minute show on the globe, in which climate change will be visualised - beginning with pre-industrialisation and ending far into the future. CLIMATE PLANET is available for special bookings and events both before and after the school holidays e.g. for schools, institutions and commercial partners.

CLIMATE PLANET is unique, no event like it has ever previously existed anywhere in the world. 

Timetable for CLIMATE PLANET


June 3 2017:

CLIMATE PLANET opens with a Gala Premiere


June 4-23 2017:

Special bookings and events e.g. for schools, institutions and commercial partners.

Contact us and we will gladly elaborate.


June 24-August 6 2017:

CLIMATE PLANET is publicly open and show an about 40 minute film screening on the inner globe and up to 300 guests in the audience pr. screening.

Due to the limited period of 6 weeks in which CLIMATE PLANET is publicly open, the number of tickets available will be limited as well.

The ticket price is 75 DKK + fee.

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August 7-22 2017:

Special bookings and events e.g. for schools, institutions and commercial partners.

Contact us and we will gladly elaborate.