When you buy tickets to CLIMATE PLANET

You can buy tickets in the stand at the globe or you can buy online following the guide underneath. Children under the age of 10 are free.

CLIMATE PLANET is based on a collaboration between several partners. Among them are the Danish newspaper, Århus Stiftstidende, their club, Klub Østjylland, and the ticket distributor, nembillet.dk. Due to this collaboration you will be guided through their websites when you wish to purchase tickets to CLIMATE PLANET.

Unfortunately their websites do not have an English option. Therefore if you do not understand Danish and wish to purchase tickets to CLIMATE PLANET we will guide you through the process with the following steps. At the moment, the tickets are only available online, but after 3rd June English speaking salesmen will sell tickets at CLIMATE PLANET's location on Aarhus Harbour. 

When you buy tickets to CLIMATE PLANET, you need to go through 8 steps as described below, before you get your tickets.

Step 1

When you click on the button below that says "Click here to begin the purchase" you will be forwarded to Klub Østjylland's webpage.

Here you click on the green button that says "Køb" (buy).

Step 2

You have now been forwarded to nembillet.dk and will see all the available dates.

Look for the date you want and click on the orange button "Køb billet" (buy ticket).

Step 3

You will now see the available times on your selected date.

Choose your number of tickets next to your wished time and click on the orange button that says "Køb billet" (buy ticket).

Step 4

Now you need to fill out contact information.

Name, address, zip code and city, phone number, e-mail and country. 
(Type in "X" if you cannot fill out all fields)

Step 5

Check the last box, which means you accept the terms and conditions of sale.

Now click the orange button "Gå til betaling" (go to payment).

Step 6

A summary of your order will appear - check that all info is correct.

Click the orange button "Åben betalingsvindue" (open payment window). 

Step 7

A new window will open and you can fill in your credit card information.

Click the blue button "Betal X kr."
(Pay the amount)

Step 8

Now you have bought your tickets! 

Shortly after you will receive them in
an e-mail.